Hopi Ear Candling
30 minutes / £25

Hopi Ear Candling/Thermo Auricular is regarded as an alternative therapy, non-invasive suitable for problems and conditions related to the ear, nose and throat.

Mini Treats Collection
45 minutes / £40

Choose any 3 of the following treatments; each will be for 15 minutes 


Restorative Foot Reflex

A taster of reflexology on your feet to relax into. 

Soothing Hand Reflex

Reflexology on your hands supporting to bring balance leaving you feeling relaxed.

Serenity Head Massage

A calming scalp massage to relieve tension.

Swedish-style Shoulders and Neck Massage 

Relax into a therapeutic shoulders and neck massage.

Radiance Natural Face Lift 

Shine through a mini natural face lift massage

Alternative Therapies

Head Massage