Body Therapies

Body therapies support relaxation, restoring vitality, re-energising your whole body to have a positive effect on your well-being, supporting:


· A reduction in blood pressure

· Stress and tension

· An improved circulation

· Relaxing the mind and body 

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Available Treatments

Holistic Body Massage
45 minutes / £45

A classic massage to support relaxation and revive your body for a positive effect on the whole body and well-being. It is a hands-on treatment manipulating the soft tissues and muscles of the body. This treatment includes the back, shoulders, neck, arms and head and  supports  to enhance wellness including:

· Re-energising the body restoring vitality and promotes a degree of self-healing 

· Relaxes tired muscles

· Relief from pain and discomfort 

· Supporting to reduce blood pressure 

· Aids general well-being

Back, Shoulders & Neck Massage
35 minutes / £35

Ideal for relief of tension, stiffness and stress in the upper back, shoulders and neck.  Relax into the treatment for a soothing sense of balance. 

Hot & Cold Stones
50 minutes / £50

Discover a therapeutic deep tissue treatment which uses basalt stones to improve health and well-being. The combination of strokes and applying the hot and cold stones to the body and face provide a sense of warmth and increased benefits of massage; supports to improve:

· Reduces aches and fatigue of the muscles

· Helps injury and recover, aiding a reduction in inflammation, pain and swelling

· Reduces stress and anxiety

· Supports an improvement with sleep

Myofascial Release Massage
 40 minutes / £45

A powerful specialist treatment combining massage and stretching the areas of tissue that surround and support muscles. It focuses on releasing and reducing pain by easing tension and tightness on a broad area of muscle and tissue targeting the specific area of pain and discomfort. supports to provide release from:

· Chronic pain disorder

· Pressure and tension in the associated area

· Restricted muscles

· Restricted movement from discomfort

Natural Lift Facial Massage
20 mins £25 / 40 mins £38

Rediscover the power of touch through this facial rejuvenation treatment originating from both Japanese Face Massage and Indian Head Massage using complementary techniques from Acupressure and Facial Reflexology. These techniques act as a natural facelift to support looking and feeling younger from release of facial tension, puffiness, lines and wrinkles. Supports to provide:

· An improved complexion

· Removal of toxins from the face

· Prevention of facial wrinkles and age spots

· An improved health overall

Indian Head Massage
20 minutes £25 / 40 minutes £35

Originating from India this beautiful traditional treatment supports in a similar way to reflexology. Incorporating massage acupressure techniques whist focusing on the energy centre of the head, scalp, face, neck and shoulders to support providing total relaxation and relief from tension in the muscles.

· Stress and tension

· Headaches and migraines

· Circulation to the head and neck

· Reducing blood pressure

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